Sunday, April 27, 2014

Felt Organizer

As my felt mania continues, what better way to be creative than making these fun felt organizers.  I got this idea from a friend of mine and I like her little felt organizers so much and I decided to make a few for myself.
Obviously the bright blue polka dot is all mine as I'm also obsessed with polka dots so this is a perfect organizer for me.  I decorated  with a simple crochet flower and little cute buttons.  I did make another organizer for Jeremy and his organizer is super adorable too with printed felt elephants.
From the inside, there's a little pocket to put my receipts and banking slips for the month, so I can keep track on my daily expenses.  Here I used my yoyo flower clip to hold all my receipts.  If you are interested in making the yoyo flower clip,  I will provide the link for you

As for little Jeremy's organizer.. there's a little pocket too and a pen holder for him.  I make an elephant clip for him to match the organizer. 

I really had fun making these and I think its a simple and cute organizer.   Have a great day everyone.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Paperbag Elephant Puppet

Since today Yun Ji was not feeling well and missed one day of school.. I thought of doing a little project to cheer him up.  So we did this funny looking paperbag elephant puppet. This will be my second post for today..hope it's not too much.

For this project,  you need a paper bag.  You can make your own bag or use a recycle one.  For this project, we make our own paper bag using grey as the elephant's body.  I've already cut out some felts for the eyes, the big ears, the trunk and tail.  I used a black colour paper for the eyelashes and some cute stickers to decorate its body.

First step,   glue the ears to the side at the far left and right corner (as the picture shown here).  Then go ahead glue the eyelashes first before putting the eyes.

The next step,  just add on the trunk and the tail to the elephant and it's nearly completed.

To make it look more colourful, I stick on some stickers onto the paper bag and this makes the elephant seems more cheerful and adorable.

Finally I added a tiny little bow but it's optional, if you don't want it to be a female elephant :).  Hope this little tutorial helps and give you some ideas on it.  You can actually make all sorts animals using colourful felt and cute materials.. just be creative.

Popcorn Snacks

During a little get together with the kids at my home.. what a better way to provide them are some popcorn snacks. 

I bought this Popcorn in Sweden and it's a healthy snack for the kids because it's without sugar and caramel.  Just put the whole paper bag into the microwave for a few minutes and it's done.  Easy and fast.

For a cute and interesting display, take a few baking cups and fill it up with popcorns.  I added little poms poms to make it more colourful and cuter especially for the children.  It's delicious even if it's not sweet since no one was complaining.. so I hope everyone were enjoying the snack.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

On this holy Sunday, wishing all family and friends Happy Easter and have a great weekend ahead.  God bless.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sweet DIY Recycle TIns

Last week we make a visit to 'Achi's' store (Achi in Tamil language means sister).  Achi owns a little flower store which sells only chrysanthemum flowers.  I love her flowers because she dye the flowers in the most amazing colours of bright blue, green, orange and even shocking pink.  The gorgeous colours makes the flowers very unique.

I like using recycle tins as vases for the flowers.  What you need are some sweet colour yarns and some cotton lace for this particular project.  It's very easy, all you need is to wrap the yarn round the tin and secure it with hot glue gun.  It looks very sweet once i added the lace onto the tin. I love the pastel colours tins against the bright Chrysanthemum flowers.
Since Achi was camera shy,  so we ended not taking her picture...instead my little helper's photo was taken. I'm going to end my blog it's super late right now and have i hope everyone will have a great day ahead.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Recycle Tin Easter Bunny

How cute is this little Easter Bunny tin can.  I'm going to show you a simple tutorial on this and it's super easy and fun.

You need an empty can for this project and as you can see i found some colourful and bright masking tape..and I did this craft because Ms Coco Flower did some amazing crafts using masking tape so i was inspired to make some of my own.  Use the masking tape to tape it round the can. I suggest buy some colourful tape for this cause it will make it more cheerful.

Next prepare some felt for this project.  I've already made a bunny and some leaves and flowers...

Glue your bunny head onto the tin this way. Actually It's up to you if you want it to be lower or higher but i thought this height is just nice because I love how the bunny's ears are sticking out from the tin.

For the felt leaves and flowers, just glue at the bottom of the tin and it's done.

So now you have your very own Easter Bunny decorated tin..  Super cute and colourful for the Easter.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter Bunny

My Mr Bunny for Easter day and looking cute and dashing.  For this craft, for the pom pom ball.. i used a thicker yarn so the body will look fuller for the bunny.  For the face,  I used mainly felt to make the face and ears and of course one pair of wiggling eyes.  I'm going to have a tutorial in the future for this project.  I didn't make a tutorial for this particular one because this is the first time I'm trying this out and lots of trial and errors.  Have a nice Sunday everyone..

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kawaii Keychains

I'm posting this blog today because today is April Fool's day.  So i guess it will be fun to post something on this day.

This is going to be a short and sweet you can see I did some simple and kawaii keychains.  I was just having fun making these because i needed a cute keychain for myself  and I love bulky plush keychain to go with my keys. 

Happy April Fool's Day.


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