Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Blogging Days

Being a mom and love doing creative projects really makes me a better person and I'm really enjoying planning and making more lovely DIY and sharing with the community.

After being absent for the longest time from blogging because of some personal matters and I was depressed with myself because I stopped completely on the things that I love doing, that is crafting.  When I've decided to continue my blogging again, I found a brand new community of bloggers and this makes me realize that I'm missing so much things in my life.  I found that the community are full of crafters that are so talented and they create gorgeous and lovely crafts.  I was so impressed with their ideas and the work they put into it.  I feel so amateur compared to them but I'm so happy because finally I found a great community and I'm always looking forward to view their creations and ideas.  I should have started sooner then I wouldn't missed out so many things.

Now I'm happy and blessed even though my circle of friends are small but I really enjoy creating this blog and appreciate if someone like my blog or comment on it.  I hope I will not stop blogging in the future.

So go crafters!


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