Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Ideas

We don't celebrate Halloween over here and it's not a big celebration.  I wish we can have a celebration because it is fun for the kids.  So just to set the mood for Halloween, I did a little mummy head pecil container.

For the container, look for an empty recycle tin can and make sure there is no sharp edges.  Find a cute fabric for this project.  I found this super adorable skull and hearts fabric.

For the mummy head, take a black felt ball and glue the eyes onto it first before wrapping the head.

After that, go ahead and mummify the heads with a white ribbon.  Glue the ribbon in place as you go along.

Next, wrap the fabric and glue onto the tin.

Finally glue the two mummy heads together.  I added a black ribbon for the trimming.  What a cute idea for the kids for Halloween.



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