Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Travel Blanket

When my boy is travelling, he needs his little travel blanket for security purposes... So mummy make him a travel blanket. He adores his blankie whenever he needs to take a short nap in the car and yes not forgetting his favourite pillow. Ya, you might think it's crazy to pack so many things for a short trip but this will make him stop whining and he feels more comfortable when we travels. So do have a specific thing that you need to bring along when you are travelling?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Flower Crochet

Hi my lovelies, it's has been quite a while since i've posted on my blog. Been super busy with my work and my domestic life...

I've tried my hand on crochet and i love it. So i did some flower crochet for the hairbands and it turned out really sweet and cute. I found the art of crochet it's really relaxing and fun. Hopefully i'm able to try out more designs. It's really hard when there's no one to guide you and i make so many mistakes before achieving one simple flower crochet and managing a single hook needle it's hard. But i managed to pick it fast with my determination.

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