Friday, March 28, 2014

Owl Plushies

Well this seems to be the last post for the month of March and how time flies right? Anyway, since I'm having felt mania moment... I made two plushies for my friend's daughther.  It's a very lovely gift and thoughtful idea for your friends too.  You can personalized your own owl plushie as you wish for someone dear.

This is my favourite one cause I love the polka dots felt against the strawberries felt.  I love mixing and matching these felts together.  The owl measures around 28cm in height and 32cm for the width. It's a very simple felt owl plushie.

This owl is special too because of the cute elephant felts that i found in Daiso.  Since I can't keep neither one of them so I thought I will make one for myself since I'm crazy over owls too...

Finally I've got my own owl plushy.  This is my sleeping owl.. and I adore it.

Have a nice weekend xoxo

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter Chicks

This is Daisy.
                                                                 And this is Macy.

Since  Easter is approaching,  I've made some cute little felt chicks.  I found these printed and colourful felts in Daiso and only cost about RM5 per roll. I went felt mania this time and bought a few rolls with different patterns.  So I'm busy with the felt projects I'm taking on.  Anyways, my two little chicks already have a name, Macy and Daisy.  Which chick do you prefer?


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Muffins Toppers

Cute little muffin top.

What I did was took a small cupcake liner and cut out some left overs felt elephants and glue onto the cupcake liners.. The decoration looks adorable and taste as good and the muffins were baked by my friend.

It's the school break again and Jeremy is the happiest boy at this moment....enjoying his muffins and planning to visit his grandparents during the school holidays.  Happy Holidays everyone....

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party hat

I'm over joyed with this project that i did for Jeremy. His glittery blue hat and his cute little moustache ( i used a brown eyeliner to draw up the moustache and his eyebrows)

I bought this plain hat and decided to make a glitter hat for him... so it's super easy, just buy any colour of glitter that you want and spread it evenly onto the hat with glue.  You need a good amount of glitters to cover the whole hat and it can be very messy.  I just added a black ribbon to make a border around  the hat.
The many expressions of him. This is priceless...
It's still the weekend have fun!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Animal Pins

I managed to make a  few felt animal pins for embellishment.  I really like the felt monkey,  it looks super cute and the little lion ( just for your information, it's a sweet lion and not a bear because someone commented it looks like a bear/sun)

You can make a boring recycle bag and transform it into a cute bag by pinning the felt animals onto it and you are good to go..

As you can see, Jeremy is doing some modelling with the bag.. Here comes another weekend again. Have a nice weekend and have fun.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Paper Coloured Birds

Look at these bold and colourful birds which is a super easy project to be done with your kids... I bought a whole bunch of coloured papers and stickers which comes with it and just be creative with it... Just create the birds according to your liking and cut and paste the coloured papers to make out some cute birds.  I love to mix and match  the coloured papers to create some bright and colourful birds and it makes me happy looking at them..

My favourites, the penguin and the owl...


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