Friday, March 28, 2014

Owl Plushies

Well this seems to be the last post for the month of March and how time flies right? Anyway, since I'm having felt mania moment... I made two plushies for my friend's daughther.  It's a very lovely gift and thoughtful idea for your friends too.  You can personalized your own owl plushie as you wish for someone dear.

This is my favourite one cause I love the polka dots felt against the strawberries felt.  I love mixing and matching these felts together.  The owl measures around 28cm in height and 32cm for the width. It's a very simple felt owl plushie.

This owl is special too because of the cute elephant felts that i found in Daiso.  Since I can't keep neither one of them so I thought I will make one for myself since I'm crazy over owls too...

Finally I've got my own owl plushy.  This is my sleeping owl.. and I adore it.

Have a nice weekend xoxo


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