Sunday, April 20, 2014

Paperbag Elephant Puppet

Since today Yun Ji was not feeling well and missed one day of school.. I thought of doing a little project to cheer him up.  So we did this funny looking paperbag elephant puppet. This will be my second post for today..hope it's not too much.

For this project,  you need a paper bag.  You can make your own bag or use a recycle one.  For this project, we make our own paper bag using grey as the elephant's body.  I've already cut out some felts for the eyes, the big ears, the trunk and tail.  I used a black colour paper for the eyelashes and some cute stickers to decorate its body.

First step,   glue the ears to the side at the far left and right corner (as the picture shown here).  Then go ahead glue the eyelashes first before putting the eyes.

The next step,  just add on the trunk and the tail to the elephant and it's nearly completed.

To make it look more colourful, I stick on some stickers onto the paper bag and this makes the elephant seems more cheerful and adorable.

Finally I added a tiny little bow but it's optional, if you don't want it to be a female elephant :).  Hope this little tutorial helps and give you some ideas on it.  You can actually make all sorts animals using colourful felt and cute materials.. just be creative.


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