Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sweet DIY Recycle TIns

Last week we make a visit to 'Achi's' store (Achi in Tamil language means sister).  Achi owns a little flower store which sells only chrysanthemum flowers.  I love her flowers because she dye the flowers in the most amazing colours of bright blue, green, orange and even shocking pink.  The gorgeous colours makes the flowers very unique.

I like using recycle tins as vases for the flowers.  What you need are some sweet colour yarns and some cotton lace for this particular project.  It's very easy, all you need is to wrap the yarn round the tin and secure it with hot glue gun.  It looks very sweet once i added the lace onto the tin. I love the pastel colours tins against the bright Chrysanthemum flowers.
Since Achi was camera shy,  so we ended not taking her picture...instead my little helper's photo was taken. I'm going to end my blog it's super late right now and have i hope everyone will have a great day ahead.


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