Monday, June 16, 2014

My Craft Room Makeover


So finally I'm able to post it on my blog. It's done,  my little makeover project for my craft/study room.

This is my old craft table and I used to work here.. it's the same little corner in the same room.  I feel that I'm very blessed and grateful that my husband renovated this particular room for me.

As you can see I love whimsical things, so I decided to have this design for my wallpaper.  I just love the little birds and the bird cages as the wallpaper.  I wanted the furniture to be white because it will give have a great contrast against the wallpaper and the wood flooring.

I even painted white to the shelf on the wall to match the furnitures.  Does anyone notice there's a pair of smurfs on my table? It's a gift from my son and I  display the little gifts at this very corner. It's very precious to me  and there's a little meaning to all the gifts that I received over these years.  I love my little panda too.

Some of my reference books and I found cute glass containers to put my little embelishments for my crafts.

This is the chest drawer that my husband repainted it and we even changed the knobs for the drawers.  Turned out great with the new paint.

Found some nice photo frames at Ikea and it fits perfectly  on the chest drawer.  Well this is my favourite room now and I'm just glad that I'm able to share it with all of you.
Good night!


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