Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lace Jars

 Do you have lace laying around that you could not make any crafts out of it because it's all the odds and ends of lace?  Well these are some great ideas to decorate the jars with leftover lace from previous projects.

 For this jar, I added a cotton lace and a cute little button onto it.

 I've saved up some cute jars over the years and I love the shabby chic lace look on these small jars.  The lace makes the jars looked whimsical and sweet.

I think this lace is beautiful and it's a stretchable lace with a slight cream colour and it's very vintage looking.  I think this is my favourite jar.

I hope you will have some fun ideas decorating your jars and be creative.  Have a  pleasant weekend and have a nice day.


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