Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Last month we went up north to Penang, one of our favourite places to visit.  This time around I get to visit some of the tourist attraction and we went to the famous Perananakan house which is near Church Street (if i'm not mistaken) .. Love the antiques and architectural style..There was a guide to show us the place and told us the history of the house.

One of the antique crafted wooden doors leading to the rooms

This is the lovely hall way to the house

Lovely view from upstairs

Old cameras

The pictures behind me, they are the owners of this house

Sitting on the opium chair from China

Another historical place, the Khoo Kongsi.


Of course there's time to play... My baby whale in action
We didn't swim in the sea cause the it's quite dirty..
This is the view from our hotel. It was a fun short trip and planning to go back soon..


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